The “X” of iPhone X is reminiscent of the Mac OS X back then. Under the leadership of Jobs, it bid farewell to the computer system that brought Apple into a new chapter in the past. Apple could have named this year’s flagship model iPhone 8 or 9, or Zhang San Li Si-this is just a name, but Apple chose “X”, which means this is not a routinely upgraded mobile phone, Apple wants to give it Special meaning.


This year, Apples publicity strategy is very interesting. In the past, they would set a time point, after which, the media who got the test machine in advance can publish the evaluation of the new device. But this year, only three media in the U.S. (ten in the world) got the iPhone X test machine one week in advance, and all other tech media got it 24 hours ago. In addition, Apple gave some less well-known, or even non-existent ones. Technology-related YouTubers provided test machines. These media and YouTubers are more geared towards younger groups. It can be seen that Apple wants to reach more people this year and is also trying different promotional strategies.


It’s been more than a week since I got this iPhone X in my hand. It was really full of freshness when I first got it. How about using the 5.8-inch full screen? How about the Face ID experience that replaced Touch ID? How to interact without the Home button? Next, I will answer for you one by one.


Size: Gospel for one-handed operation enthusiasts, not a big screen in the true sense

My last mobile phone was iPhone 7, and before it was iPhone 6s Plus, so I have experienced it in all iPhone models. The first impression that iPhone X gave me was that it was a bit thicker (7.7mm, 0.6mm thicker than iPhone 7), and a little heavier (174g, 36g heavier than iPhone 7), but this feeling did not last long, and soon adapted. As the iPhone continues to become thinner in recent years, many people have put forward the idea of thickening the body to improve battery life, so this increase in thickness and weight did not have a big impact.


The overall size of iPhone X is similar to that of iPhone 7, with a height of 5.3mm and a width of 3.8mm. From the perspective of a small-sized mobile phone (4.7 inches), although the iPhone X has become longer and narrower, it basically maintains its operability when used with one hand. The Plus size is not convenient for one-handed operation, not because it is tall, but because it is wide. The area on the other side of the holding hand is difficult to reach by changing gestures, and the top of the screen is easy to reach by changing gestures. People who like small-sized mobile phones can also find a familiar feeling from iPhone X.


From the perspective of the Plus size, iPhone X is not really a “big screen”. The most obvious difference is that the unique horizontal two-column design of the Plus size is not used on the iPhone X, such as the system’s built-in settings, mail, memo and other applications. Although I don’t use these features myself, but if you need it, you should pay attention to it.


In addition, the keyboard input area can also be noticed. Although the iPhone X is slightly wider than the 4.7-inch iPhone, it is obviously not as spacious as the Plus size.


Judging from the actual amount of content displayed, the amount of content that the iPhone X and 4.7-inch iPhone can display in landscape orientation is the same, which is also 375pt 2, and the Plus size is 414pt. The vertical content has increased a lot, reaching 812pt, and the Plus size is 736pt. You can compare other iPhone models with the picture drawn by PaintCode below.


People like large-screen phones not only because of the higher screen, but also because of the wider screen. The iPhone X may disappoint some Plus phone users at this point. However, due to the full screen, the iPhone X has a wider field of view than the Plus, which makes up for some intuitive experience.


We have no other choice this year, only one-size iPhone, but there has been news recently that Apple may launch a Plus-size iPhone X next year, maybe we can look forward to it.


Post time: Dec-30-2021