Screen: It is easy to remove the “bangs”, leaving it is “courage” The full screen looks really good, even if it has a “bang” on the front. We don’t usually notice it. The reason is simple. Before the iPhone X was released, we saw the iPhone X through photos, and our attention was on the entire phone. And when we got the iPhone X, we were using mobile phones. At this time, our attention was focused on the content on the screen, so “bangs” will not easily attract your attention. Coupled with the use of black wallpaper, it will look integrated with the screen, so it is even more inconspicuous.   “Liu Hai” caused a lot of dissatisfaction at the beginning, and netizens responded that iPhone X was ugly. Until recently, a few factions introduced a wallpaper app that went to “bangs”. I noticed that many people said in the comments that “removing the bangs makes it uglier”, which is quite interesting. As far as I am concerned, I never think this is an ugly design, it is just a “weird” design. From the perspective of “using mobile phones”, it does not affect daily use.   Removing the “bangs” is actually a relatively easy decision to make, but Apple chose to keep it in the end, which may require more “courage” than removing the 3.5mm headphone jack. Jony Ive once associated the concept of “infinity pool” with the screen. He believes that the screen is the most important thing, and other things should not interfere with the screen. Extending the screens on both sides of the “bangs” may be more in line with the concept of “infinity pool” than simply removing them, and it also makes the screens look more borderless.  

In the past, draw a rectangle on paper, and then draw a small circle inside, we will know that this is an iPhone. And now the iPhone X, with the Home button removed, only has “bangs” as its iconic design. It is also foreseeable that the “bangs” will not disappear in a short time.   After I am used to the full-screen iPhone X, I feel particularly uncomfortable when I go back to look at other iPhones. This feeling is similar to the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, you know this is a design trend, the large bezel and non-full screen look cumbersome. 

 This year is the first time Apple has adopted an OLED screen on the iPhone, with a pixel density of 458ppi, which makes the interface elements look clearer and the edges are sharper. Apple also controls color calibration very well, and you will not see the phenomenon of color smearing that often appears on traditional OLED screens. Extended reading: Why did iPhone X choose to use an OLED screen? This information helps you better understand   As for the risk of “burning screen” that OLED screens may bring, because it has not been a long time for us to get the iPhone X, and the “burning screen” phenomenon often takes place after a period of use, so we have to rely on time to verify. However, Apple itself said confidently: “The super retina display we designed can reduce the “aging” effect of OLED, and it is the industry’s premier display.”   However, the iPhone X screen is not cheap, fragile and expensive to repair. The domestic need is 2288 yuan, and the repair price for other damages is 4588 yuan, which is about 1,000 yuan higher than the iPhone 8. The cheaper protection scheme is to bring a protective cover, but if you like the feel without a protective cover and are usually careless, then this time you can really consider Apple’s mobile accident insurance service AppleCare+. For specific purchase advice, please refer to this article. Article: Faced with an iPhone X worth nearly 10,000 yuan, you need to reconsider AppleCare+, which was previously not Care   This year’s three new iPhones all use True Tone (original color display) technology, which automatically adjusts the color temperature of the screen according to the color temperature of the surrounding environment, which theoretically makes the display effect more natural. But I find that I often turn it off when editing pictures or watching American TV shows. Needless to say, when editing pictures, the filters are divided into cold and warm colors. True Tone will affect the judgment, but the latter requires us to accept this setting psychologically. Because film and television works usually have their own color grading habits, the color temperature of the screen may affect the so-called “director’s expression”, but this is similar to “whether the audio file format and the sound quality of the earphones affect the expression of the musician”, these are all people Its something that is difficult to control and will change with the development of technology, so as long as you accept it psychologically, its not a big deal, and True Tone will really make you less glaring when facing the screen at night.   In addition, @CocoaBob found that iOS 11.2, which is currently in Beta, will automatically weaken the True Tone effect when opening the album. Perhaps Apple will open this feature to third parties in the future.刘海

Post time: Dec-30-2021