Many people will choose after-market screens, especially new models or iPhone X models that use expensive soft-OLED screens. Users are afraid of their prices of 700 to 800 yuan, and can only choose after-market screens. Too many manufacturers or workshops make after-market screens, and to be honest, the good and the bad are mixed. Those who have used it say that the garbage can’t be used, the touch doesn’t work, the color is white when looking at it, the color is not bright, and it is dark under the sun. The only advantage of the after-market screen is that the screen cable is much more resistant to folding than the original one (the original screen cable is too fragile, try to minimize the disassembly).

    Among after-market screens, we often see Tianma screens, Shenchao, AUO, Longteng, etc. These LCD manufacturers have more. In fact, no matter which LCD is used, the key lies in the adjustment, whether the price of the LCD is in place and whether the materials are sufficient. There has always been a tradition of low prices in China.

   iphone 12 pro display screen

    Looking at the picture above, what do you think? Yes, the squint of the mobile phone is still accurate and clear. Compared with the mobile phone with a after-market LCD screen in your hand, the gap will come out immediately. The domestic screen on your phone is white when you look at it obliquely, and you can’t see the content. The only advantage of this is that it prevents peeping. It is like a peep-proof film. The peep-proof film is black and yours is white. You squint up and down, why is this happening? Because your after-market screen is not equipped with a polarizer, the mobile phone screen above has a built-in 360-degree omnidirectional polarizer, which shows accurate, clear and non-color cast from any direction when you squint.

    On the other hand, you will find that the screen color expression is saturated and vivid, which is refreshing and pleasing to the eye. Look at a front view, take a photo with an iPhone, and do not do any post-processing. It is quite amazing to have this effect:

    This shows that in addition to the good quality of this LCD screen, the manufacturer’s adjustment is quite good. For the adjustment, I used red, green and blue to make a rough diagram:

    The color is adjusted to be a little bit brighter than the original one, but not too much. After replacing the original after-market screen, I found that the eyes were washed, which is really amazing. Under strong light such as the sun, the display is still clear, and the poorly made afetr-market screen is black in the sun.

    The ESR silver backlight film is used to obtain pure and comfortable white light, and the brightening technology has very high brightness.

Post time: Jan-07-2022