OLED is a self luminous material, which does not need a backlight board. At the same time, it has wide viewing angle, uniform image quality, fast response speed, easy colorization, can achieve luminescence with a simple driving circuit, simple manufacturing process, and can be made into a flexible panel. It conforms to the principle of light, thin and short. Its application scope belongs to small and medium-sized panels.
Display: active lighting, wide viewing angle; Fast response speed and stable image; High brightness, rich colors and high resolution.
Working conditions: low driving voltage and low energy consumption, which can be matched with solar cells, integrated circuits, etc.
Wide adaptability: large area flat panel display can be realized by using glass substrate; If a flexible material is used as a substrate, a foldable display can be made. As OLED is an all solid state and non vacuum device, it has the characteristics of shock resistance and low temperature resistance (- 40 ), it also has very important applications in military, such as the display terminal of modern weapons such as tanks and aircraft.

Post time: Mar-15-2022