Screen Composition Layer of smart phone

First layer — Cover Glass: Play the role of protecting the internal structure of the phone. if the phone is dropped on the ground and the screen is broken, but you can continue to see the contents of the phone display. This only the cover glass on the surface shattered.

Second layer,— Touch Screen: The role of this layer is to detect touch operations. if the phone touch doesn’t work well, it is the problem with this layer.

Third layer — Liquid Crystal Display. This Layer as Display image function. If the LCD screen turns black after the phone is dropped on the ground, Then this layer is broken.

Fourth layer — Backlight. It is composed of many thin film transistors, used to illuminate the LCD screen.

Fifth layer — Frame . It is usually made of metal for protection function.

Some mobile phone Lcd screens have different structures, but the principle almost are the same. Only for reference!

Post time: Dec-14-2020