Which do you prefer, LCD screen or OLED screen? What are their advantages and disadvantages
Of course, the advantage of OLED is that the screen is brighter than LCD screen, but the disadvantage is that you can’t see the phone in dark light. Although the OLED screen is very good, it can not cover up the fact that the low screen flash hurts the eyes when the OLED screen is dark. Users can look at the mobile phone when turning on the indoor chandelier, otherwise it is really not recommended to use the mobile phone with OLED screen.
However, in theory, only OLED can achieve curved screen for the problem of curved screen, and LCD itself cannot be greatly bent. Therefore, only OLED can achieve high screen proportion. This is also the reason why mobile phone manufacturers use OLED screen in the mainstream. Of course, there are also mobile phones with non curved OLED screen.
It may be said that some people will also talk about the use of LCD in some flagship mobile phones. Although those mobile phones that do use flagship processor are right, most of the real flagship phones still use OLED screen, which is just to realize screen fingerprint identification, and LCD has no commercial screen fingerprint identification scheme at present. The most critical point is that at present, mobile phones will pursue high update rate, and LCD itself will produce drag shadow under high and new rate due to poor response time. OLED has fast response time and basically no drag shadow. The experience of high refresh rate screen is better than LCD.
Judging from the light and thin advantages of OLED screen at present, the current flagship mobile phones have not been displayed incisively and vividly. Most flagship mobile phones are still getting thicker and thicker. If you want to make the mobile phone thin, it is not enough to rely on the screen alone. In addition, although most of today’s OLED screens come from Samsung, Samsung’s OLED screens are also divided into three, six, nine and so on. The best screens must be left to themselves. Of course, rich owners like apple will sell them.
In this way, OLED screen is no longer the representative of high-end screen, and the gap with LCD is only who is more suitable for the current market environment. Having said that, LCD screen has one more layer of LED light-emitting backplane than OLED, so it is difficult to integrate with off-screen fingerprint technology. Coupled with the disadvantage that LCD can not be bent, it can not bend the screen like OLED, which uses cop packaging technology to reduce the chin of mobile phone.
LCD screen + fingerprint under the screen + accurate color display + non burning screen + no screen flash mobile phone may appear in the second half of the year. It can be seen that OLED is not the evolution product of LCD, but the parallel complementarity with LCD. After LCD overcomes these difficulties, the use experience will be more perfect.

Post time: Mar-15-2022