iphone 11 pro screen11PRO  (19)

1. The fall resistance is not the same: hard oled has no flexible oled fall resistance, and the screens of many of the more famous mobile phones are flexible.

2, the screen feels different: hard oled will feel harder when touched by hand. The flexible oled will feel soft when touched by hand, and it will also ripple if you slide the panel with your fingers.

3, the process is different: hard oled plus a layer of transparent resin material to protect the outer film. Flexible oled screen, compared with ordinary oled screen is thinner and more durable, the application of flexible substrate makes the screen in the use of strong impact resistance, not easy to break, and has a unique bending and folding characteristics. Flexible oled screen test, shrapnel microneedle module can transmit current in the range of 1-50A, stable connection and reliable performance.

4, the price is not the same: Relatively speaking, the price of the flexible screen is higher than the price of the hard screen, because the performance will be better than the hard screen, if there is a sufficient budget or choose the flexible screen

5, the source of the light source is not the same: the source of the light source of the hard screen is achieved by the LED backlight, and the flexible screen is self-luminous, it is precisely because of the self-luminous nature of the flexible screen, so the power consumption of the flexible screen is also lower than the hard screen.

Post time: Jun-12-2023