iphone incell screen

  Incell screen is touch screen. Incell is a kind of screen bonding technology, which represents the integration of touch panel and LCD panel. That is, the touch panel is embedded in the LCD pixel. The advantage of Incell technology is to reduce the thickness of mobile phones, so that mobile phone manufacturers can make more effective use of the internal space of mobile phones. In addition, the screen with incell technology has better display quality.



  Compared with traditional mobile phone displays, Incell screens have the following advantages:

1, Thin: Because no additional touch layer is required, the Incell screen is relatively thin, which can make the phone thinner.

2, the display effect is better: because there is no need to go through the additional touch layer, the display effect of Incell screen is clearer and more bright.

3, more sensitive touch: Because the touch function is integrated In the display screen, the touch of the Incell screen is more sensitive and accurate, and the user is more smooth to use.

4, save power: Because the Incell screen does not require additional touch layer, it consumes relatively less energy, which can improve the battery life of the phone.

  In general, the incell screen is a relatively advanced display technology that can improve the display effect and touch experience of the phone, while also saving power.

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Post time: Jun-24-2023