What is the difference between COF, COP and COG in mobile phone screen packaging

Now, The screen packaging technology of smart phone is divided into COG、COF and COP. there are many mobile phones using COF screen packaging technology, including many mid-to-high-end mobile phones, while COP screen packaging is less. Currently, OPPO Find X and Apple iPhone X mainly use COP packaging technology, especially OPPO Find X benefits from the COP screen packaging process, and the screen ratio reaches 93.8%, making it the smart phone with the highest screen ratio.


What is the difference between COF, COP and COG in mobile phone screen packaging

COP:「Chip On Pi」,it is a new screen packaging technology.The packaging principle is to directly bend a part of the screen to further reduce the frame to achieve a nearly borderless effect. Due to need to bend the screen, all models using the COP screen packaging technology need to be equipped with an OLED flexible screen.In short COP is new screen packaging process, which was first released by Apple iPhone X. Find X is the second mobile phone to adopt this screen packaging technology, and there should be more use the COP Technology in the future.

COG: Chip On Glass”, it is the most traditional screen packaging technology and the most cost-effective solution, which is widely used. Before the full screen has not formed a trend, most mobile phones adopt the COG screen packaging technology. Because the chip is placed directly on the glass, the utilization rate of the mobile phone space is low, and the screen ratio not high. Most simply Mobile phones are still using COG technology.

COF: “Chip On Film”. This packaging technology is put the screen’s IC chip on a flexible FPC and then bends it to the bottom.Compared with the COG solution, it can further reduce the frame and increase the screen ratio.

COF packaging technology is very common, including many mid-to-high-end mobile phones. This screen packaging solution is used, such as Meizu 16, OPPO R17, vivo nex, Samsung S9, Xiaomi MIX2S and so on. .

Post time: Nov-27-2020