Mobile phone screen is also called the Display screen, which is used to display images and colors.The screen size is calculated on the diagonal of the screen, usually in inches (inch), which refers to the length of the screen diagonal.

The Screen material becomes more and more important as the color screen common using. And the color screens of cell mobile phones are different due to differences in LCD quality and R&D technology.There are TFT, TFD, UFB, STN and OLED types. Normally, the more colors and complex images can be displayed, then the level of the picture will be richer.

In recent years, with the rapid promotion and popularization of smart phones, the global mobile phone screen market growth and technological innovation have accelerated, and the scale of the industry has continued to increase.From the perspective of product composition, the current mobile phone screens are dominated by touch screens, which are mainly composed of cover glass, touch modules, display modules and other components. However, as the requirements for lighter and thinner mobile phones and high-definition display continue to increase, With the increasing maturity of embedded touch technology, the mobile phone screen industry is gradually developing from traditional single-component supply to integrated module production, and the trend of vertical integration of the industry chain is obvious.


Post time: Dec-09-2020