As iPhone 12Pro series exclusive feature,Apple introduced this feature as its main selling point at the autumn new product launch.

Then what is the RAW format.

RAW format is “RAW Image Format”, which means “unprocessed”. The image recorded in RAW format is the raw data of the light source signal captured by the image sensor and converted into digital signal.

iPhone display RAW

In the past, we took the JPEG format ,then will automatically compressed and processed into a compact file for storage. In the process of encoding and compression, the original information of the image, such as white balance, sensitivity, shutter speed and other data, is fixed to specific data.

iPhone display RAW-2

If we are not satisfied with a photo like too dark or too bright.

During the adjustment, the picture quality of JPEG format photos may be degraded. The typical feature is increased noise and color gradation.

The RAW format can records the original information of the image,but it is only equivalent to an anchor point. For exsample, it is like a book, all kinds of raw data can be adjusted at will within a certain range of page numbers, and the picture quality will basically not drop. The JPEG format like a piece of paper, which is limited at ”one page” during adjustment, and the operability is low.

Pro raw 3

What is the difference between ProRAW and RAW images?

ProRAW allows photography enthusiasts to take photos in RAW format or use Apple’s computational photography technology. It can provide many functions of multi-frame image processing and computational photography, such as Deep Fusion and intelligent HDR, combined with the depth and latitude of the RAW format.

In order to achieve this function, Apple have constructed a new image pipeline to merge various data processed by the CPU, GPU, ISP and NPU into a new depth image file. But things like sharpening, white balance, and tone mapping become photo parameters instead of being directly synthesized into the photo. In this way, users can creatively manipulate colors, details, and dynamic range.


In Summary: Compared with the RAW files shot by third-party software, ProRAW adds computational photography technology. In theory, it will get better quality , leaving more playable space for creators.

Post time: Dec-22-2020