Why the Apple screen is more comfortable than the Android phone screen

Apple has high requirements for channel supply quality, and can always get screen panels better than other manufacturers.

Apple’s screen adjustment is excellent, and it has two completely different styles from Samsung

Then, let’s take a look at the development road of Apple mobile phone screen!

Retina Display

The concept of retina screen was first proposed by Apple,it is a marketing term at the 2010 iPhone 4 conference. At that time, under the leadership of Joe Bush, Apple proposed the best holding distance for mobile phones. After the pixels of the mobile phone exceed 326 pixels per inch (ppi), the human eye will not be able to distinguish the pixels of the mobile phone.

This technology has laid the advantages of Apple mobile phones on the screen side and opened the way for continuous upgrades of mobile phone screens.

mobile phone screen


2. LCD Screen VS OLED Screen

In the early days, others AMOLED screen still had some problems in development, such as being too gorgeous and the burning problem was more serious. Apple mobile phones use more LCD screens. For LCD and OLED screens with the same resolution, LCD screens are more refined due to the different pixel arrangements. At the same time, Apple’s adjustment and optimization of screen color, color gamut, brightness and other aspects are higher than others. Apple’s LCD screen looks more real, with higher color reproduction, and it causes less visual fatigue to the human eye than OLED screens.

3. Apple AMOLE Screen

With the continuous upgrading of Samsung AMOLED screen technology, it has become the standard configuration of current mainstream mobile phone screens. Starting with the iPhone X, Apple’s flagship models all use Samsung AMOLED screens.

Post time: Nov-23-2020