Let me ask you a question first

The mobile phone is usually put on the table when it is not in use,

Do you put the screen up or the screen down?

But you know what?

Put the mobile phone on the desktop with the screen down.

You’ll know why after reading the following?

Three advantages of the screen facing down

Prevent dust, liquid contact screen

1. If the screen is placed upward, there will be a lot of dust, which will make the screen dirty. The screen of mobile phone and toughened film may be scratched during cleaning.

2. Mobile phone screen face up, water, beverage soup, etc. accidentally splashed on the mobile phone screen, that is called a heart piercing.

Therefore, when the mobile phone is not in use, the screen is downward, which can avoid some environmental and human damage to a certain extent.

Prevent raised cameras from being scratched

When the front of the mobile phone screen is placed, the convex camera is next to the desktop, which is easy to scratch and scratch the camera, which will affect the photo quality.

Protecting personal privacy

The mobile phone is placed face up. If someone happens to be around you, the phone call or message may be seen by others. If the news is very private, it’s embarrassing. In addition to information, if Alipay and bank APP are not closed, they may be exposed because of the positive placement of the screen.

Of course, when the phone is not in use,

With the screen down, there’s a lot more to it

A kind of

For example, there is no message prompt on the mobile phone screen,

I can concentrate more on my study and work.

In addition, if the mobile phone pocket to pay attention to: it is recommended that the screen is placed close to the leg, which can avoid being touched by external metal and table corner, and can effectively avoid the potential of leg scald caused by hot battery in summer.

After reading, do you understand?

How do you put your cell phone?

Post time: Aug-18-2020